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When William L. Fairfield started selling computer systems for Valmont Industries, Inc. in 1982, he hoped to bring the agricultural community surrounding Valley, Nebraska, into the computer age. Valmont Industries, a manufacturer of electric power transmission and irrigation equipment based in Nebraska, had created a subsidiary named ValCom Inc. to market a unique line of computer software tailored to the needs of local farmers; it was Fairfield’s job to convince these farmers that they too could benefit from the rapid advancements being achieved by the computer industry. A Nebraska native with an M.B.A. from Harvard, Fairfield unfortunately discovered that he was pursuing clientele that, as it turned out, did not demonstrate any discernible desire to join the computer age, at least not with ValCom’s software. When Fairfield realized the focus of ValCom’s business was obscured, the new direction he took quickly turned Valmont Industries’ sideline business into one of the largest and most profitable computer distributors in the United States.
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Cpros frontComputer Pros was part of this new adventure by Mr. Fairfield and Valmont Industries, and had its start as a company-owned location, based in the Valley Irrigation store back in early 1982.  ValCom Computer Center, as it was known then, was one of the first locations in Nebraska and the USA to sell IBM computers, primarily marketed to farmers, but this soon changed and the location here in Kearney, one in Holdrege, and one in Grand Island became franchise locations marketing products to small to medium sized businesses.  Since then, the locations in Holdrege and Grand Island were either sold or closed, but the primary focus of the Kearney location has stayed the same.  Providing dependable, affordable computer products and services to Central Nebraska.

We have been locally owned since 1985, and located at 2115 2nd Avenue since 1999.